Fall 2016 Board


Head Coordinator: Chelsea McDougall

Hi everyone! I'm Chelsea, your Head Coordinator!! I am a senior majoring in anthropology, and I have been in SMILE for four semesters. I'm really into How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock...pretty much any sitcom along those lines. I love hanging out with my SMILE peeps and I really, really love working with kids -- I've been a camp counselor for the past three summers, so if you want to sing camp songs, hit me up. SMILE has been an amazing experience for me and I hope that it will be for you too!

Co-Internal Coordinator: Matthew Gold

Hi guys, my name is Matt and I’m your other Co-internal for the semester. I’m a 4th year psychology major with an emphasis in neuroscience and cognition. This is my 3rd semester in SMILE and my 2nd semester on board. I joined SMILE because I had never worked with kids before attending college, and I wanted to see if it was something I would enjoy—and it turned out to be a passion. My involvement in SMILE keeps me focused on helping others, and has helped me get to know Cal students that I wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with. I like to hike, olympic lift, and practice landscape photography in my spare time. I also have very varied taste in music, so if you’re finding yourself interested in a niche genre I’d probably enjoy chatting with you.


Co-Internal Coordinator: Rochelle Yap

Hi, I'm Rochelle, your Co-Internal! I'm a sophomore with an intended Integrative Biology major and a Human Rights minor. I really love being with my friends, travelling, and my current addiction on Netflix is Gilmore Girls so hmu if you speak Gilmore! This will be my third semester in SMILE and my second on board! I joined SMILE because I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with kids (I have since my freshman year of high school) and because I wanted to find my niche at Cal, which I definitely did. Everyone in SMILE encourages me to keep trying my best and is there for me whenever I need them. I really want to be that for my mentee and any other person that comes across my life.


Treasurer: Sanjay Sreekumar

Hey guys! My name is Sanjay and I'm your Treasurer this semester! I'm a junior majoring in business and computer science and I've been in SMILE for my third semester now. Some of my interests include mentoring (duh), watching/playing basketball (Go Dubs), and listening to hip hop music (Go Kanye). I really love SMILE not just for the mentoring but also for the people that are in it. We really are a tight knit family and joining was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made at Berkeley. I love meeting new people and can't wait to meet you soon!


Secretary: Zach Burns

Hi! My names Zach Burns (although my sisters always called me Zachary). I'm a fourth year English major with a Peace and Conflict Studies minor. I teach a class on editing and preparing papers for academic publishing and am very excited about my contemporary literature studies. I've been in smile for 5 semesters and this is my third on board during which I'll be serving as secretary. In my free time I mostly read and am always interested in having a good conversation about books. When I need to get away from literature I like watching movies, taking the occasional hike, and going for walks through the city.


External Coordinator: Jonathan Huang

HELLO PEOPLE! I'm Jonathan Huang and I'm your External Coordinator this Fall semester! I'm a sophomore going into my second semester in SMILE and first on board, and I'm double majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology (mouthful, yeah), and - very hopefully - Art! I love drawing, sketching and exploring my creativity, as well as watching any and all movies -  I also enjoy making weird faces and voices, unleashing the beauty of my acapella-n voice (subjective), and paying tuition. Kidding. The tuition one probably isn't true. I absolutely love that I joined SMILE; mentoring every week is really such a breath of fresh air among all this college chaos, and making an impact on our mentee's lives as well as hanging out with the SMILE family I've come to treasure so much is the best part of it all. It's been such a blast, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you future SMILE-ees!

Fundraising Coordinator: Vivek Srivats

Hello! My name is Vivek Srivats and I am the Fundraising Coordinator for this upcoming semester! I am current a junior planning on double majoring in Computer Science and Political Science (I know it might not make sense but that's ok!); I am entering my second semester in SMILE and my first on board. As a sophomore I joined Project SMILE because I was looking for a place to meet amazing people who were interested in giving back to the surrounding community. I am happy to know that I have found the perfect organization because I am also able to make a difference in the life of another person! Outside of SMILE I like to watch movies, play soccer, and own n00bs in Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I can't wait to have an amazing semester with all of the new and returning mentors!

Social Coordinator: Christina Eldabbagh

Hey! My name is Christina Eldabbagh and I am this semesters Social Chair! I am currently a Junior pursuing a double major in both Public Health and Nutritional Science. This is my second semester as a mentor for Project Smile, and first semester on board. Joining SMILE has been a great opportunity for me to not only make a difference in someone's life but also surround myself with an amazing community. Working with the students at Longfellow allows me to take a step out of the crazy college lifestyle, and back into the fun of being a kid again. Not only do we get to tutor and mentor these students, but we get an excuse to let loose and have some fun with them! I am super excited for what’s to come this semester, can't wait to see it unfold!

Historian/Webmaster: Maria Rivera

Hey y’all, my name is Maria and I will be the historian this semester on board! I am a third year with an MCB Neurobiology major and Ethnic Studies Minor. This will be my third semester in Project SMILE and my first as a board member! Project SMILE has been an amazing way for me to stay motivated while at Cal, because mentoring and interacting with these incredible kids reminds me every day about the importance of never forgetting your role within the community and the power you have to positively impact these individuals who have so much potential! Within Project SMILE I’ve realized that despite the fact that we attend a difficult and rigorous university, I will always find a large amount of love and support among the SMILE family. Aside from mentoring, I love reading, traveling, hiking, eating, and watching my two favorite shows on Netflix: “Friends” and “Lie to me”.


Enrichment Coordinator: Sierra Blair

Hello! My name is Sierra and I am a Junior studying Psychology and Education!  My main interests include going to the beach, learning to cook new things, and discovering new places in the Bay Area! I have now been in Project SMILE for 3 semesters and will be your Enrichment Coordinator this semester. I initially joined SMILE because I love working with kids, but I quickly came to learn that you gain so much more than a relationship with your mentee. I have truly met the most genuine people in Project SMILE and I am so happy that I decided to join this organization!


Liaison: Claire Gilmore

Hey everyone! My name is Claire and I am will be the liaison this semester on board! I am a sophomore with an intended psychology major and education minor. This will be my third semester in SMILE and second as a board member! Project SMILE was the first club I joined at a Cal, so it has a really special place in my heart! I absolutely love working with kids and teaching, and so Project SMILE is the perfect fit for me. SMILE has also surrounded me with so many fun and genuine people, and gave me a small loving community at Cal! Besides mentoring, I love TV shows, music, concerts, traveling, baking/cooking, and just talking haha! Definitely reach out if you want to talk about Project SMILE or just want to be friends! :)