Fall 2018 Board


Head Coordinator:

Aurash jalaian

Hi! My name is Aurash and I’m going to be your Head Coordinator for this semester (so you’ll probably see me running around at both Willard and Longfellow). My favorite mentoring activities are playing basketball with my mentee as well as reading comics with him. Outside of mentoring, I love to compete, both outside on some type of court and inside on a board or video game console. I love also love talking and meeting new people, so say hi whenever you see me :)


Co-Internal Coordinator:

Paulina tarr

Hey everyone! I’m Paulina, your Willard Co-internal this semester! I was born and raised in New Hampshire but if you ask me where I’m from I’ll probably say Boston. Picking a major has been a wild ride for me but I think I’ve decided on the immunology track under MCB. My favorite pass times include going to rock concerts, reading sappy novels and taking long drives. I love SMILE more than anything and can’t wait to make this a wonderful semester! :)


Co-internal Coordinator:

Elsa whyte

Hi! My name is Elsa Whyte and I am a junior studying Political Science and Spanish at Cal. I am one of your Co-Internal Coordinators this semester, along with the lovely Paulina Tarr. I’m from LA, but I’m half-French. I consider myself a friendly and extroverted person, so I love talking to people, and especially working with kids. I love also traveling and learning new languages. I mentor at Longfellow where I love to hang out with my mentee Alana who is in 7th grade. This is my third semester in SMILE and my second on Board! What I love most about SMILE is that twice a week for two hours I get to feel like a middle schooler and escape the whole college world. You’ll meet amazing people in SMILE - of all ages - because both our mentors and our mentees make this club what it is.



Rebecca lim

Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca, I mentor at Longfellow Middle School, and I’ll be your treasurer for this upcoming semester. I love talking about my dog, Kobe aka the cutest dog in the world. I also like going on runs, eating food, and just being around people and sharing good vibes. I can’t wait to start this semester and if you see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi!




Lupe Vazquez

Hey everyone. My name is Lupe and I will be your secretary for this semester. I'm currently a second year History major. I am a huge fan of movies and TV shows. I like to keep active, but will usually fall victim to procrastination as well. I have aspirations of being a teacher and Project SMILE seemed like a great opportunity to gain experience with kids. This is my second semester on board and I am excited for another SMILE semester and for all of you to be a part of it!


Enrichment Coordinator:

elaine huynh

Hello, my name is Elaine, and I’m your Enrichment Coordinator for Longfellow! I’m studying Sociology with probs a minor in Education and Public Policy. My hobbies include but are not limited to: ultimate frisbee (or almost any other physical activity), being chill, and laughing (through various means — I’m not too picky). Talk to me about equity in education if you wanna hear me talk for too long and too loudly. I’m probs too down for anything, so hit me up if you need a partner in crime!


Enrichment Coordinator:

Sarah helmueller 

Hello! I’m Sarah and I will be your Enrichment Coordinator at Willard Middle School! I’m a sophomore studying molecular biology, hopefully with an emphasis in environmental science. I’m someone who likes keeping busy, even if that means sitting down and reading a book. I love being outdoors, cooking, and spending time with my friends. Joining Project SMILE at Berkeley has been such a fulfilling experience. It’s expanded my view of Berkeley, allowing me to meet more people around campus and explore the city itself. I love SMILE because everyone involved is super passionate about bettering the club and our community. It’s enriching to be apart of an organization that fosters both student leadership within our college community and at the middle schools we mentor at. I hope to meet more mentees and create educational activities that challenge students to think outside the box.


Event Coordinator:

Amogh pathi

Hey I'm Amogh, your Event Coordinator for the semester! I am a junior studying Integrative Biology. I love SMILE because it is a unique opportunity to work with excited kids who like to have fun. I enjoy playing with my mentee and his friends and making him laugh.


External coordinator:

natasha chanda

Hello Everyone! My name is Natasha Chanda and I will be your External Coordinator for the Fall 2018 term. This is only my second semester in Project SMILE but I have grown to love all of the people — mentors and mentees — so you’ll be sure to see me in semesters to come! A little bit about me — I’m a psychology major because I strongly believe in the power of good mental health, therefore I love talking to people or giving them advice if they need it. I also am an avid dancer and artist in my free time! I’m excited to meet our new mentors and hope you see SMILE as the family and group of friends that I do.



Fundraising coordinator: 

Gwyneth tran 

Hey there! My name is Gwyneth Tran and I am the Fundraising Coordinator this semester! Some of my hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, and eating really good food. I joined Project SMILE last semester, and I loved it! Making a positive difference in a middle school student’s life and the surrounding community while making new friends has been an absolute blast. I’m thrilled to be on PSmile Board and cannot wait to get to know you all <3



Lucy Li

Hey y’all!! My name is Lucy, and I’ll be the liaison at Willard this semester! I’m a sophomore from West Lafayette, Indiana (where my other midwesterners at??) intending to major in MCB with a Global Public Health minor. In my free time, I like running, petting dogs, and binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’m also always down to go on hikes or stress with you during midterm season so hit me up!! I joined SMILE during my first semester at Cal and served as a fundraising committee member last spring, but this will be my first semester as a board member. I’ve had the best time with both the kids and other mentors in SMILE, and I’m sure you will too. So hyped to get to know all of you in the fall!!!



Eduardo carrizosa

Hi everyone! My name is Eduardo and I am a junior, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. Fall 2018 will be my fourth semester participating in Project SMILE and my first as Liaison. I enjoy watching movies (love the Star Wars saga), reading books, swimming, and playing board games. As Liaison, one of my goals this semester is to get more mentee input on our activity planning. This way, we can give our mentees the best SMILE experience possible. My other goal this semester is to learn how to play something on the guitar!


Social Coordinator:

Miquela kallenberger

Hello there! My name is Miquela and I’m so excited to be your Social Coordinator. This will be my third semester with SMILE and I can’t wait to be a bigger part of all the fun that will happen this semester!! I’m a senior majoring in Political Economy and minoring in Journalism. I love to bake cookies, laugh with my friends, and long walks on the beach. So stoked to get to hang out with my mentee and all my fellow mentors!



Isabelle Reich

Hey guys!! I’m Isabelle and I’ll be your Historian and Webmaster this semester! This will be my second semester in Project SMILE and my first on board. Aside from SMILE-ing, I love crafting (where my artists at?), dancing, baking and spending time with friends. So if you ever want to learn how to make some DANK chocolate chip cookies or just need a friend to lean on, I’m your girl! Anyways, I can’t wait to meet all of you and spend the semester together :)

Fall 2018 Committee

Enrichment Committee:

Jonathan Huang

HI EVERYONE! My name is Jonathan (some people call me Jon, so do as you will as long as it’s not offensive pls) and I’m a senior double majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology and Art Practice! Based on your incredible deduction skills, you could probably guess that I love to draw, paint, do photography, sing, and generally be awesome at everything ;). I’m a peer advisor in my lovely College of Natural Resources, and I also do hip-hop dance on campus! I’m going to be on the Enrichment Committee this Fall, but this will be my 6th semester in SMILE, and I’ve been on board for 4 of those semesters! I’m from LA, but don’t worry I love meeting people from anywhere and everywhere and I can’t wait to meet all you new faces!


Enrichment Committee:

Kristen Hull

Hey, everyone! My name is Kristen Hull, a second year studying English and French. I also enjoy creative design, The Office, legal studies, Gypsy's Trattoria Italiana, and psychology. When I’m not being your local Moffit language nerd or enjoying my other hobbies, you can catch me hanging out with friends at pretty much any Mexican place in Berkeley or at Cal sports games. But more than anything else… joining Smile was one of the best things I’ve done at Cal so far. If you’re seeking not only a wonderful way to interact with great mentees in creative, enriching ways, but also make lasting friendships, SMILE is for you!. Many a taco and Cal game was enjoyed with my SMILE family. As a part of enrichment committee, I hope to help come up with activities that the kids will find just as inspiring as they do interesting.


Enrichment Committee:

Sean Adibi

Hello, everyone! My name is Sean, and I’m a sophomore intending to major in Data Science. As this marks my second semester in Project SMILE, I’m eager to continue hanging out with my awesome mentee at Longfellow. I’m passionate about everything regarding geography and urban planning, and in my free time I ride public buses and trains in my hometown of San Jose. Additionally, I love to draw, play the piano, and spend quality time with my family. As a member of the enrichment committee, I aspire to coordinate a diverse set of activities that students of all backgrounds can enjoy.


Enrichment Committee:

Elizabeth Potts

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth (she/her) and I’m a 4th year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. I learned about SMILE when a committee member gave a presentation in not one, but two of my classes! I considered that to be fate and chose to attend an info session right away. I’ve always loved working with kids and thought this could be a great way to get more involved at Cal and in the overall Berkeley community Even though I’ve only been in SMILE for one semester, it’s been the best decision of my college career! This community is unlike any other that I’ve found at Cal. I’ve made great friends with the other mentors and an incredible bond with my mentee. This semester I’ll be helping with the Enrichment committee! As much as I love spending time with friends, I also enjoy my self-care free time! I like to listen to all kinds of music, go on walks, sing, and watch Netflix (Jane the Virgin or Parks and Rec are some of my favorites). I have two Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix puppies at home and they are the best! I’m looking forward to this new semester in Project SMILE and can’t wait to meet you all!

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.50.03 PM.png

Enrichment Committee:

Bryan Alcantar

Hello Hello. My name is Bryan and I am now a senior majoring in MCB. This semester, I’ll be part of the Enrichment Committee. I’m from Los Angeles and am working to become a pharmacist in the future. For fun, I love to go for a run, play chess every now and then, and binge watch Netflix for hours. This will be my third semester in Project SMILE, and I can say that I enjoy everything about the organization. The best part about Project SMILE is that you get to meet so many different mentors and mentees and build meaningful bonds with each and every one of them. Also, mentoring has become a fun and great way for me to break away from schoolwork and relax. I’m definitely looking forward to new experiences and memories with Project SMILE this upcoming semester!

zach n.jpg

Enrichment Committee:

Zach Novak

Sup squad! My name is Zach Novak, and I’m a second year transfer student studying Environmental Economics. This will be my second semester at UC Berkeley, as well as my second on smile and first on a committee. When I’m not mentoring I enjoy long walks, getting outside, and working on my next SoundCloud mixtape! I enjoy mentoring and love Smile because of the friendships I’ve been able to make with both mentors and mentees, as well as how happy we make the students by showing up at the end of their super long days! My goal is to always be relatable and honest with the kids, and act as both a friend and a role model for their future. As part of the Enrichment committee, I hope to see every student and their mentor joining us for activities that are unique and entertaining, and also help everyone get to know each other better and establish a tight Smile community at Longfellow!

john m.jpg

Social Committee:

Eric Wimsatt

Hey, I'm Eric! I'm a second year studying computer science. I grew up in San Diego and I make really good guacamole. Outside of smile I like swimming and going on hikes. I like the opportunity SMILE provides to really help a kid out and make a difference in their life. On the social committee I hope to plan some fun events so we can all get to know each other better!




Social Committee:

Grace Berry

Hello! I'm Grace, and I'm a Senior studying Conservation and Resource Studies with a focus in Food Policy and Education. I joined SMILE as a sophomore looking to get more involved both on campus and in the Berkeley community as a whole. I've made some amazing friends through this organization and my goal is for everyone to do the same, which is why I am on the social committee! This semester I hope to help plan a bunch of fun social events so all of the mentors can get to know each other and form amazing bonds like I've gotten to do over the years.


Social Committee:

Xavier Martinez

Cheers, I'm Xavier and I'm really excited for the all the super hero movies coming this year! I am a fourth year studying cognitive science. I am from Fresno, CA, which (if you did not know) is a huge agricultural producer around the world. I have recently returned from Europe with some amazing stories and pictures so feel free to ask me about it. This will be my third semester with Project Smile and it could be one the best decisions I choose. The club is one giant family and I have had a blast every time we mentor or hangout. I have made some good friends through SMILE and great memories with them. I will be on the social committee this semester so be excited for some fun times around the corner. GO BEARS. Sláinte chugat!


Social Committee:

Delaney Arth

Hi! My name’s Delaney and I’m going into my third year at Cal! I’m majoring in Legal Studies and looking to do something in either Econ or English as well. I am so excited to be on the Social Committee this semester and helping to plan events for all the mentors! Looking forward to another awesome semester at SMILE with my mentee and all the phenomenal mentors here! Some fun facts about me: I love the beach, sports (especially volleyball), old music, I’m from LA, and am looking forward to tons of fun adventures this year:)


Social Committee:

Raaghav Minocha

Ayooo! Whatsup, I’m Rags. I’m a third year studying econ and data science, and I’m from San Jose, though I live in LA now (still rep norcal tho). This is my 5th semester in SMILE – I’ve spent my last 3 on board, and this will be my first on committee! Super excited to be part of social (come thru to all the events!!!). I’m also involved with Sigma Eta Pi – a sick entrepreneurship fraternity – and Net Impact – a dope consulting club. I like to dance, rap, and listen to music!! Hmu with your favorite songs. Looking forward to getting to know you all <3


Event Planning Committee:

Annie Wu

HI HI HI my name is Annie and I'm a mentor at Longfellow Middle School. I love to travel, exercise, try new food, and sleep. I love SMILE because everyone is so caring and excited about making a difference in the community and to the middle school students. This will be my fifth semester on SMILE and it only gets better every time. I hope you all decide join this amazing organization and have the chance to create your own wonderful memories <3


Event Planning Committee:

John Markham

Hey! My name’s John. I’m a rising junior at Berkeley and I’ll be working with Amogh on the Event Planning Committee for Fall 2018. I’ve been in SMILE since I was a freshman – and I’m not living with someone I met within my first hour of joining, as well as the one and only Aurash Jalalian. As SMILE is something that I’ve come to cherish when thinking about my college experience, I’m really excited for this next semester!


Event Planning Committee:

Chris Sunderland

Hey I'm Chris! I'm going to be a Junior this year and declaring IB. So far my experiences at Cal and in SMILE have been positive ones, and I'm excited to hopefully strengthen my relationship with the mentees and mentors in this next semester :). Everyone in the club has been really cool to me and I appreciate them a lot. I have two dogs and a cat whose name is Zeus. I'm into rec soccer, hiking, lifting, and reading. I'll also be on event planning committee so I'll be helping to organize our events and socials :)))))))) SMILE HARDER!!!  


Event Planning Committee:

Kousha Modanlou

Salutations, my name is Kousha Modanlou and I'm absolutely ecstatic to be returning to Project SMILE. I'm a rising Junior Sociology Major at UC Berkeley, and I'm also minoring in Journalism, Education, and Accounting. I'm from Torrance, a city nestled near the beaches in Los Angeles. I'm incredibly fortunate to be a part of welcoming and encouraging atmosphere that this organization is. I'm looking forward to building another semester of great memories with my fellow mentors and mentees.


Event Planning Committee:

Piper Ireland

Hi loves! My name is Piper Ireland and I am a sophomore molecular and cell biology major! I love brains, surgery, and taking care of people. But most of all, I love taking care of my mentee :))) I skateboard, jet ski, play soccer, and listen to show tunes in my free time which I have very little of. Joining SMILE was one of the best decisions I've made and gave me the best family possible. Everyone I have met has reached out and I have made so many friendships that extend beyond mentoring in the afternoons. I’m on the event planning committee, but really I’m just here to make everyone smile harder!!!


Fundraising Committee:

Jose Chitala

Hi! My name is Jose Chitala. I am a fourth year undergrad studying Political Science. Some hobbies that I enjoy are playing as well as watching sports, spending time in the outdoors and going to the movies whenever I get the chance! I joined Project SMILE because I sought a community of caring individuals with a shared interest of working with young people. After the SMILE info session, I knew that I would be very happy within this organization, and you know what? I was right! What I most enjoy about SMILE are the moments in which my mentee teaches me something cool and new, as well as the awesome events put together for mentors to have great social experiences within the club.


Fundraising Committee:

Mihir Phatak

Hey everyone! My name is Mihir and I’m a junior majoring in Applied Math with a minor in Journalism. This is my second semester in Project SMILE and I can’t wait to share many more with all of you. In my spare time I enjoy basketball, video games, and hiking so if you want a person for any of these activities then I’m your man! I joined SMILE because I had not found any community service club at Cal and wanted to be involved in something that I felt mattered. My biggest goal this semester is to get to know as many people in SMILE as possible and I know it’ll be another great semester with all of you!