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What is the time commitment?

We strongly recommend going to mentoring twice a week (pick any two days during the week that best fit your schedule), especially if you are a new mentor. Consistency is key to fostering a lasting bond with your mentee!

We leave UC Berkeley around 2:50 pm (3:20 for the late bus) and arrive back at campus around 5:15pm. In addition to bi-weekly mentoring, there are also weekend events that we highly encourage you to attend, along with one Saturday of Mentor Training for new mentors. What you get out of S.M.I.L.E. is dependent on the time you put into it! 


Whom does Project SMILE Mentor? 

Project S.M.I.L.E. mentors students at Longfellow Middle School and Willard Middle School, which consists of grades 6-8. The students whom we mentor are enrolled in the Extended Day Program (EDP) at Longfellow. All of the students that we mentor must apply and be accepted to Project S.M.I.L.E. Some of the mentees may have difficulties in school, but not all fall under this description.


How do I get to the middle schools or any of the weekend events?

For mentoring at Longfellow during the week, we meet around 2:45pm to catch the 2:50 bus at the 36 bus stop on Bancroft in front of Bear's Lair, located next to Eshelmann/MLK student union building. We catch the 4:50 bus back from Longfellow.

For mentoring at WIllard during the week, we meet around 2:45 at the same bus stop as mentors going to Longfellow, and take a 15 minute walk as a group to the school

For weekend events, transportation will be coordinated.


Are all of the events mandatory? 

We understand the life of a college student, and realize that unexpected circumstances may prevent you from attending all events. While we encourage you to attend every event that you can, the most important thing is to maintain good communication with your mentee, even if something comes up. Your mentee looks up to you, and it is discouraging to them if you consistently fail to attend events without notifying them beforehand.


How long does the program last?

Project S.M.I.L.E. runs on a semester basis, and as such mentoring is a semester-long commitment. This is for the benefit of the mentor and the mentee; if you ever feel as though your relationship with your mentee isn't the best that it could possibly be, please let a board member know so that we may assist you. 

Any more questions? 

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