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Workshop #2: Elephant Toothpaste

For our second workshop, we put on our latex gloves and lab coats (not really) to synthesize elephant toothpaste. This awesome and easy experiment uses simple ingredients that most people have in their own homes. If you'd like to recreate this experiment yourself, all you need is: dish soap, 3% hydrogen peroxide, yeast, and food dye. At the root of this experiment, the yeast are converting the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen gas and water. The oxygen mixes with the dish soap to create a foamy geyser of bubbles! The mentees had an awesome time trying out different combinations of hydrogen peroxide and soap to figure out what the best formula for elephant toothpaste was.

Earlier Event: February 28
Social #1: Taco Tuesday!
Later Event: March 18
MM2: Lawrence Hall of Science!