Spring 2017 Board


Head Coordinator: Sanjay Sreekumar

Hey everyone! My name is Sanjay and Iโ€™m your head coordinator this semester! A little bit background on me, Iโ€™m a junior majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science and this will be my fourth semester in SMILE, third on board, and first as Head Coordinator. SMILE has been such an amazing experience for me. I absolutely love mentoring my middle school mentee; just seeing that relationship grow in the past two years has been so rewarding. Joining Project SMILE was one of the best decisions of my life; hopefully it will be yours too! ๐Ÿ˜„


Co-Internal Coordinator: Sierra Blair

Hello! My name is Sierra and I am a Junior studying Psychology and Education!  My main interests include going to the beach, learning to cook new things, and discovering new places in the Bay Area! I have now been in Project SMILE for 4 semesters and will be one of the Co-Internal Coordinators this semester. I initially joined SMILE because I love working with kids, but I quickly came to learn that you gain so much more than a relationship with your mentee. I have truly met the most genuine people in Project SMILE and I am so happy that I decided to join this organization! I hope to meet you soon!


Co-Internal Coordinator: Claire Gilmore

Hi everyone! My name is Claire and I am a second year here at Cal, studying psychology and education. This semester, I am one of Project SMILE's co internal coordinators! Outside of school and SMILE, I love baking/cooking, drinking coffee, watching Netflix, singing (new ukulele owner woop woop), and traveling. I first joined Project SMILE my freshman year when I was seeking a community to be a part of, and I found that SMILE is filled with some of the most genuine, kind hearted, and fun people I know (the mentees and mentors both!). Now, my mentee feels like a little sister to me and the other mentors are my best friends. I love SMILE with all my heart, and can't wait for another fun-filled semester!


Treasurer: Vivek Srivats

Hello! My name is Vivek and I will be your Treasurer this semester! I am a junior majoring in Political Science and Computer Science. When I have time away from studying I like to watch movies, keep up with sports, and read some memes online. This is my third semester in SMILE and second on board. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment I have spent in SMILE and I can't wait to get another great semester underway! ๐Ÿ˜„


Secretary: Rochelle Yap

Hi! I am you secretary this semester. I have been in SMILE for 2 years and on board for one and a half years. I am a sophomore with a Integrative Biology major and Human Rights Study Minor. I have worked with kids my entire life which is why SMILE appealed to me fall semester freshman year. Joining has been the best decision I've made since coming to college and I hope it will be yours too! I like to go on hikes, take pictures of my friends, and read whenever I have free time. Please recommend me your favorite book!


External Coordinator: Jonathan Huang

HI EVERYONE! I'm Jonathan and I'm going to be your External Coordinator this semester! I'm a sophomore double majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology and  Art Practice (Intended, I'm not official yet!!). You probably didn't ask me, but some of my hobbies include watching movies (you better believe I'm all about Rom-Coms... but I'll also talk your ear off about all things Marvel/DC), drawing or anything artsy, PLAYING WITH LEGOS HOLY, and singing and dancing to unleash my inner acapella-n beast. SMILE is such a wonderful, cozy little family and I'm endlessly grateful to be part of this hilarious group of people. I'm really excited to see what Spring 2017 brings and I look forward to meet all of you soon! (=


Fundraising Coordinator: Daisy Altamirano

Hey everyone! My name is Daisy Altamirano and Iโ€™m Project Smileโ€™s Fundraising Coordinator this semester! Iโ€™m a second year majoring in political science and minoring in history. This is my third semester in Project Smile, and I cannot be more excited! When I am not mentoring, you can catch me going on walks, listening to podcasts, or spending as much time as I can with my family. Project Smile has allowed me to involve myself in the Berkeley community, while also introducing me to life-long friends in college. I canโ€™t wait to meet and talk to everyone this semester, see you soon!


Social Coordinator: Emily Cox

Hello everyone! I'm Emily, your Social Coordinator this semester! I'm a sophomore Environmental Science major, and this is my second semester doing Project SMILE.  I love mentoring because of all the fun activities we do with the kids on the weekends. Seeing them enjoy trying new things like ice skating or going to the botanical gardens is what mentoring is all about! In my free time I love running, hiking, seeing live music, and cooking. Get ready because this is going to be a great semester of SMILE fun!


Enrichment Coordinator: Heather Feibleman

Hey there! My name is Heather and I'm a second year majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology. I love hiking, photography, eating anything and everything, exploring new places, puns, watching too much Netflix, and listening to weird music genre combinations (have you listened to electronic swing jazz? It's awesome)! This is my third semester in SMILE and first on board. I love Project SMILE not only because of the awesome kids we mentor or because of the fun events we put on, but because we truly are a tight-knit family. I'm so excited for everything that's coming our way this semester!


Liaison: Christina Eldabbagh

Hey! My name is Christina Eldabbagh and I am this semesters Liaison! I am currently a Junior pursuing a double major in both Public Health and Nutritional Science. This is my third semester as a mentor for Project Smile, and second semester on board. Joining SMILE has been a great opportunity for me to not only make a difference in someone's life but also surround myself with an amazing community. Working with the students at Longfellow has allowed me to take a step out of the crazy college lifestyle, and back into the fun of being a kid again. Not only do we get to tutor and mentor these students, but we get an excuse to let loose and have some fun with them! I am super excited for all of the new experiences this semester will bring!

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Historian/Webmaster: Raaghav Minocha

Suh dudes! I'm Rags, and I'll be your Historian/Webmaster this semester. This is my 2nd semester in SMILE, and my 1st on board, so I'm super hype. I'm currently a freshman majoring in who knows what โ€“ maybe Stats, Econ, or Business โ€“ I have no clue, and I'm hella into filmmaking, entrepreneurship, rapping, hiphop dancing, kicking butt in fantasy basketball, and a bunch of other random things. If you're feeling J. Cole's new album please come talk to me about it ๐Ÿ˜‹. Project SMILE has played a huge role in my first semester experience, and I'm ready for round two this semester with you all!