Fall 2019 Board


Head Coordinator:

LUcy li

Hey y’all!! My name is Lucy, and I’m proud to be our Head Coordinator for Fall 2019. I’m currently a junior majoring in MCB Immuno with a minor in Global Public Health. My hobbies include hugging dogs, denying lactose intolerance, and smiling weird in all photos. I joined Project SMILE during my first semester as a freshman at Cal and have never regretted it once, so I’m super super excited to meet all of you this semester!


Co-Internal Coordinator:

Calvin Nguyen

Helloooooo everyone :DDDDDDDD My name is Calvin and I’m an undergraduate student at the #1 public university, UC Berkeley! I’m currently majoring in American Studies and minoring in Education, but who knows what else life will bring to my door? I’m the Co-Internal Coordinator at Willard Middle School, and am soooooo excited. I’m also now going into my third semester with Project SMILE (you know what they say, third time’s the charm!). I’m passionate about giving back to the community that I inhabit, and think Project SMILE provides unique opportunities for doing that. My hobbies include sunsets and long walks on the beach!


Co-internal Coordinator:

Gwyneth Tran

“Hey y’all! My name is Gwyn and I’m a third year studying applied math. I’m a big fan of rock climbing (even though I suck) and solving puzzles. This is my fourth semester in SMILE and I can’t wait to get to know you all!”



Tarun Mendoza

Hi hi ^-^. My name is Tarun Mendoza (you can also call me Alex, if that is easier for you). I am an Applied Math major with a focus in Data Science, and I am a senior. My time in Berkeley has been a roller coaster, and being a part of Project S.M.I.L.E. has definitely been a very high point. I somewhat “stumbled” my way into this club, and they brought me in as a member of their family. This was super heartwarming because: here I was trying to help out these wonderful middle school students, and I was the one who was helped out a lot and grew a lot from this experience. As for the actual mentoring experience, my mentee and his friends are a great bunch. It is always full of laughs and energy with them, which is such a great breadth of fresh air. This club is way more than just “tutoring” or “mentoring.” You become a part of a family with the other mentors and with your mentee. I sure hope you join and become the wonderful big sibling figure to one of these amazing middle school students ^-^.




Sarah Helmueller

Hi!! My name is Sarah and I am now a junior studying Integrated Biology. I will be your Secretary for this semester! Any email you get from Project SMILE will be from me. I’m someone who likes keeping busy, even if that means sitting down and reading a book. I love being outdoors, cooking, and spending time with my friends. Joining Project SMILE at Berkeley has been such a fulfilling experience. It’s expanded my view of Berkeley, allowing me to meet more people around campus and explore the city itself. I love SMILE because everyone involved is super passionate about bettering the club and our community. It’s enriching to be apart of an organization that fosters both student leadership within our college community and at the middle schools we mentor at.


Enrichment Coordinator:

Kaelyn Schlegel

Hello, everyone! I'm Kaelyn Schlegel (she/her) and I am a second-year student double-majoring in Geography as well as Society and Environment. This is my third semester in SMILE and first on board. I mentor at Longfellow but will also be at Willard for enrichment which I am super excited about because I will get to know more of y'all! I will also be helping Calvin lead Seminar! I have absolutely loved my time in Project SMILE and am excited for another great semester!


Enrichment Coordinator:

Allysa Abalos 

Hey y’all! My name’s Allysa Abalos and I am a sophomore who’s been in Smile for 3 semesters now! This is my first semester on board (one of your Enrichment Coordinators!) and I’m so excited to see what this board will bring to Smile! I’m currently studying Spanish and minoring in education here at Cal, but was born and raised in San Jose, California (Bay Area!!). Additionally, I also feel a deep connection to my island roots of being Filipino. I love anything artistic and/or social justice related, going to the gym and going on adventures (whether that be cliff jumping or just getting boba :)). I hope y’all join/return to Project Smile because I for sure know that it is one of the greatest organizations I am a part of here at Cal and hopefully, it will be for you as well. Hope to see you around!


Event Coordinator:

Emily Frey

Hey people!!! I’m Emily and I will be your Event Coordinator for the fall semester. I am a second year intended business major from Los Angeles! In my (tiny) amount of free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and listening to music. I’m so incredibly excited to be on Board this semester because SMILE has truly been the best thing to happen to me during my time at Cal. I started as a general member, but even from the beginning, I could feel the love that every mentor had for both their mentee and for the other mentors. Through SMILE, not only have I met my wonderful mentee and her friends, but I’ve also met a crazy amount of amazing people. I’m so excited to get to know each and every person in SMILE who even looks in my general direction. Catch me at Willard if you can!! :))


External coordinator:

Eduardo Carrizosa

Hi everyone! My name is Eduardo and I am a senior, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. Fall 2019 will be my sixth semester participating in Project SMILE and my first as External. I enjoy watching movies (love the Star Wars saga), reading books, swimming, and playing board games! And yes, I do own a pair of lawn flamingos.


Fundraising coordinator: 

Tanya Matthew 

Hi! I’m Tanya Matthew, and I am a second year intended MCB major here at Cal. This will be my third semester with Project SMILE. I am very excited to serve as the Fundraising Coordinator this semester and get lots of money to fund our amazing SMILE enrichment workshops and events. Outside of SMILE, I love to watch movies, hike, and bake.



Christian Sunderland

Hi my name is Christian Sunderland but y’all can call me Chris. I’m a fourth year studying Integrative Biology and am loving my time here. This’ll be my sixth semester in SMILE and second on board. I think this club is what has made college so much fun for me and I’m incredibly excited to be part of SMILE board again this semester. I can’t wait to meet everyone and PLEASE feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, or if you just want someone to hang with. I also like chips.



Frances Cheng

Hello hello! I’m Frances and I’m the Willard liaison this semester. I’ve been mentoring for 3 semesters and love everything about Project Smile. I’m from Shanghai and majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Education and History. I love mahjong, playing and watching basketball, looking at pics of my dog, and losing track of time while doing art and photography. Can’t wait to meet all of you, wooot it’s gonna be a good semester!


Social Coordinator:

Natasha Chanda

Hi! My name is Natasha and I am a junior here at Berkeley. I’m a Psychology major and some of my favorite hobbies are pottery, hammocking, eating at Tara’s Ice Cream on College Ave. I joined SMILE to help me find a community at Cal, and I can definitely say this club has done just that for me. I love getting to work with the kids during the week, but I also value the opportunity to meet so many new friends each semester as new mentors join. Whether it’s you first semester or your last, SMILE will always give you new friends and new memories to make with both your mentee and all the mentors you meet.



rebecca lim

Hi everyone!! I’m Rebecca and I’ll your historian for the semester so if you see me, please smile for the camera :). This will be my fifth semester in SMILE and I’m so excited. I’m an MCB major and love dogs, reading, baking, eating good food, and hanging out with people. I love SMILE for so many reasons but seeing my mentee is definitely the best part. Being able to hang out with her and just feel like I’m in middle school again helps take the stress off from being at CAL (go bears!!!!). I can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for SMILE and I can’t wait to meet all you new faces!

Fall 2019 Committee


Enrichment Committee:

Kristen Hull

Hey, everyone! My name is Kristen Hull, a second year studying English and French. I also enjoy creative design, The Office, legal studies, Gypsy's Trattoria Italiana, and psychology. When I’m not being your local Moffit language nerd or enjoying my other hobbies, you can catch me hanging out with friends at pretty much any Mexican place in Berkeley or at Cal sports games. But more than anything else… joining Smile was one of the best things I’ve done at Cal so far. If you’re seeking not only a wonderful way to interact with great mentees in creative, enriching ways, but also make lasting friendships, SMILE is for you!. Many a taco and Cal game was enjoyed with my SMILE family. As a part of enrichment committee, I hope to help come up with activities that the kids will find just as inspiring as they do interesting.


Enrichment Committee:

Vivian Nguyen

My name is Vivian, and I'm a freshman at Cal! This is my second semester in Smile, and I'm so excited to be part of the Enrichment Committee this semester! I joined Smile last semester because I love working with kids and I wanted to make a difference, and I joined a committee this semester because I love all the people in Smile and the club. I'm a premed and pre-Haas student and an intended Molecular Cell Biology and Business double major. My favorite part of Smile has got to be the people: both the mentors and the mentees alike. One last thing: go bears!

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Enrichment Committee:

Jocelyn Barrera

I am a second year. My declared major is Chicanx Studies with a minor in education!

I am from a small town called Castroville, also known as the artichoke center of the world!

I mentor at Willard on Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays!

My mentee’s name is Jennifer Yoc!

I honestly feel that our most memorable moments change every week! She’s super fun to be around. We especially bond over our love for art! Fun fact, she taught me how to arch my back. She patiently taught me for half an hour because I feared I would break! It was such a funny memory because once I was able to do it, I realized my fear was irrational.

My most irrational fear would be holding babies because I’m so scared I’m going to break them. Also, if they cry, I might cry too. By the way, don’t even dare bringing a clown near me. I will get a panic attack.

This is my second semester in Project Smile and I feel blessed to work in such a friendly environment. I am looking forward to being of use in the Enrichment Committee, and maintaining/ building amazing friendships!

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Enrichment Committee:

Allysa Abalos

Hi everyone! My name’s Allysa Abalos and I’m part of the Enrichment Committee for SMILE this semester! This is my second semester in SMILE and I’m so excited to not only continue creating great memories with my mentee and all the other mentees and mentors, but also to do more and help create some of the workshops! Currently, I’m majoring in Spanish so I can hopefully teach it at my old high school. :) (If you ever ask why I want to be a teacher though, be prepared for a looong story involving social justice and all that!) Other than that, I love anything and everything creative, whether that means drawing, painting, singing, playing guitar or ukulele, dancing or making videos, I’m here for it! I also love spending time with friends and family, usually through some kind of means of getting food, and have to say I absolutely love being from and in the Bay Area. Yet, I’ll always love going back to the Philippines whenever I can! (You should definitely go if you get the chance! :’) ) Hope this semester is great for all of us and maybe see ya around!

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Enrichment Committee:

Xavier Martinez

Cheers, I'm Xavier and who is excited for the all the super hero movies coming this year! I am a fourth year studying cognitive science. I am from Fresno, CA, which if you did not know is a huge agricultural producer around the world. This will be my Fourth semester with PROJECT SMILE and it is the best decisions I choose. The club is one giant family and I have had a blast every time we mentor or hangout. I have made some good friends through Project smile and great memories with them. I will be on the enrichment committee this semester so be excited for some fun times. GO BEARS. Sláinte chugat!


Enrichment Committee:

Victor Duong

Hi! I'm Victor Duong: currently a first year student at Cal intending to major in Cognitive Science with a minor in Creative Writing. I love cats! If you love cats then we will definitely be friends. At home, I would travel cities and neighborhoods to pet stray cats but at school I am a S.M.I.L.E mentor whose also part of an Enrichment Committee member. I enjoy long-distant travels and long bike/car rides to anywhere. And although my bed is my home, I will leave it to do more important business. 


Social Committee:

Julianna Johnson

Hello beautiful humans!! My name is Julianna, and I’ve been told by our social coordinator, Chris, that I use the word humans a lot, so now I must continue. I’m a second year Molecular Environmental Biology major that adores animals. I’m currently volunteering at the Oakland Zoo with the tigers, lions, and camels which fulfills my animal needs, but I also love humans, so here I am fulfilling my social needs by being on social committee! I love hanging with kids and knowing my actions are making an impact on someone else’s life, which is why I joined Project SMILE. This is my second semester in the club, and I am really enjoying spending time with my mentee. I’m excited to get to know more people in the club and spread the Project SMILE love :)


Social Committee:

Grace Berry

Hello! I'm Grace, and I'm a Senior studying Conservation and Resource Studies with a focus in Food Policy and Education. I joined SMILE as a sophomore looking to get more involved both on campus and in the Berkeley community as a whole. I've made some amazing friends through this organization and my goal is for everyone to do the same, which is why I am on the social committee! This semester I hope to help plan a bunch of fun social events so all of the mentors can get to know each other and form amazing bonds like I've gotten to do over the years.


Social Committee:

Jose Chitala

Political Science; 4th semester in SMILE; Hobbies: Running & playing sports, watching movies, dancing


Social Committee:

Aurash Jalalian

Hi! My name is Aurash and I’m going to be on the Social Committee for this semester. My favorite mentoring activities are playing basketball with my mentee as well as reading comics with him. Outside of mentoring, I love to compete, both outside on some type of court and inside on a board or video game console. I love also talking and meeting new people, so say hi whenever you see me :)


Social Committee:

Elaine Huynh

Hello! I’m Elaine, a member of the social committee! I’m a 2nd year sociology major who’s super passionate about public education and access to quality education. This will be my 4th semester in SMILE, and I’ve enjoyed every second of getting to know and spending time with my mentee, as well as other SMILE mentors. I’m also on the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, so if you want to throw a disc around, I’d love to meet you on the glade!


Social Committee:

Kousha Modanlou

Hello my name is Kousha Modanlou, a junior here at Berkeley and I'm very excited for another semester with Project SMILE. I mentor my 6th grade buddy Brooks from Willard Middle School on Tuesdays and Thursdays usually. He and his group of friends are an incredibly wholesome bunch, much like the general atmosphere of Project SMILE. I always look forward to my walks to Willard, because I know there's going to be such happiness that awaits.


Event Planning Committee:

Frances Cheng

Yooo what’s up? I’m Frances and this is my second semester in SMILE! I’m from Shanghai and majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Education. I love Modern Family, playing mahjong, going to farmer’s markets, playing and watching basketball, watching my dog sleep through the camera I installed in her cage, and losing track of time while doing art and photography. Can’t wait to meet all of you, wooot it’s gonna be a good semester!


Event Planning Committee:

Emily Frey

Hi!! My name is Emily, but I mostly go by Em! This is my second semester at Cal, and my second semester in SMILE. I’m Pre-Haas and I’m from LA, although I might like Berkeley better... :) I’m a third degree black belt in a blended style of martial arts, and I’ve been training alongside my entire family for 13 years! I also have a dog at home that I really miss (she’s a Boxer-Pitt-Terrier mix). I joined SMILE because I wanted to mentor a middle schooler, and I ended up making a ton of new friends! I’m super excited to be part of the Event Planning Committee this semester!


Event Planning Committee:

Paulina Tarr

Hello all! I'm Paulina and I'm a sophomore studying MCB. I'm from New Hampshire but I'll probably say I'm from Boston if you ask (GO INSIGNIFICANT STATES!). I'm on the Event Committee and this is my fourth semester in SMILE and I love it more than anything! I can't wait for a great semester with all you lovely SMILE folks


Event Planning Committee:

Eric Wimsatt

My name is Eric and I like plants


Fundraising Committee:

Mihir Phatak

Hey everyone! My name is Mihir Phatak and I'm a junior studying Applied Mathematics. This will be my third semester in Project SMILE and my second on fundraising committee. I enjoy watching movies, reading books, playing basketball, and hiking among other activities. Catch me at Willard this semester!


Fundraising Committee:

Celeste Alexander

My name is Celeste Alexander and I am majoring in Political Science and Sociology. I have been in Project Smile for one semester and going into my second!! During my free time I enjoy playing the cello, playing soccer, hiking, or hanging out with my housemates!


Fundraising Committee:

Zach Novak

Supppppp. My name is Zach Novak, and I’m a junior in my third semester at UC Berkeley. I currently major in environmental economics with a minor in education. I’ve been in SMILE since I stepped onto Berkeley’s campus, making this my third semester in SMILE and my second at Willard Middle School. When I’m not studying for another midterm or hanging out with Elliott at Willard, I enjoy playing all types of sports, hiking, and hanging out with my twelve year old brother Oliver whenever I’m back home in Palo Alto. Don’t forget, Stanford still sucks.


Fundraising Committee:

Mark Villarica

My name is Mark Villarica, I'm a fourth-year Berkeley student majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy with a minor in Education, and this is my second semester in Project SMILE. My hobbies include playing guitar, reading, journaling, poetry, and spending time with people I care about.